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 Vainu uses big data analysis to organize and gather company insights into one place. You’ll find the most valuable prospects and know the right time to contact them.

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A wide variety of companies from small businesses to the public sector are already using our tool.

What is vainu?

Vainu is your personal marketing assistant, your best friend, your most underpaid employee and your competitors worst nightmare. It finds your future customers before your competition does.

Identify prospects

Identify your future customers

Vainu finds you the best sales leads by combining data insights sourced from the Internet with a comprehensive company database. With Vainu you can focus your sales efforts on the most potential prospects and know instantly when it’s the right time to contact them.

Filter to find best prospects

Find the hottest prospects

Vainu is a part of every modern b2b sales company's toolbox. It helps find the most interesting prospects in any given instant. Filter the gems by diverse criteria such as change in revenue, investment plans or digital footprint.

Boost your sales

boost your UPSELL

Vainu analyses the needs of a prospect and notifies you about a potential sale. The service will help you focus your sales and marketing efforts on the companies most likely to buy. Identify upsell potential by following changes in your current customer base.


Vainu integrates to Linkedin, Slack, Gmail and common CRMs. Through our open API, Vainu can easily be hooked up to any other software you’re using.

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Ebook: Smartbound

Smartbound is a data-driven sales and marketing mentality, where outbound and inbound efforts are combined to create a smooth and efficient sales machine.

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